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Sheriff Wydette Williams
East Carroll Parish Sheriff's Office  Jail Roster
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Last updated: 8/22/2014 8:30:05 PM Central Time
 NameDOBRaceGenderArrest Date
BAKER, MCARTHUR 10/20/1991African AmericanMale 
BINDER, LARRY 02/23/1960African AmericanMale 
CARRAWAY, ERNEST 08/25/1980African AmericanMale 
GOULETTE, KODEY 09/15/1983WhiteMale 
JACKSON, TRAVIS 04/02/1983African AmericanMale 
JOBE, CHARLIE 06/20/1978WhiteMale 
JORDAN, FITZGERALD 08/29/1984African AmericanMale 
KING, JARRETT 03/23/1992African AmericanMale 
KNIGHT, BYRON 12/03/1970African AmericanMale 
LAVENDER, AVERY JEROME01/05/1991African AmericanMale 
MEADOWS, JOSHUA 05/30/1985WhiteMale 
MUSTAFAA, KALEEM 04/24/1952African AmericanMale 
PITTS, DAN 09/24/1961African AmericanMale 
PYLE, JOSHUA 07/29/1990African AmericanMale 
REDDEN, CARVELL 03/04/1992African AmericanMale 
RODGERS, JAMES C09/09/1959WhiteMale 
RODGERS, MANTRELL 01/20/1991African AmericanMale 
RUSSELL, ROBERT 07/10/1985WhiteMale 
SMITH, TYRONE 08/01/1980African AmericanMale 
TAYLOR, TIMOTHY  African AmericanMale 
WATSON, WILLIE 10/28/1976African AmericanMale 
WILLIAMS, STEVE 02/20/1985African AmericanMale 
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